What we give

Twenty percent of all Abby’s aftertax profit— including foreign and film rights— are donated to charities uplifting women and children around the world. No exceptions. No fine print.

Why we give

After Abby resigned from the corporate world, she and her family right-sized their lifestyle to accommodate the loss of income. When all was said and done they realized something– nothing of substance had changed. Sure, there were less shopping sprees, but so what? She and her husband vowed that if anything came of Abby’s writing, they would donate a fifth of it systematically, so that generosity wouldn’t again become an afterthought.

Who we give to

We are interested in economic solutions to social and cultural problems. Every December worthy organizations will be selected. Our 2015 Impact Report is below. Click on the image to learn more.
*Please note: in 2016, the book was in the pre-pub stage so there was no income to take 20% of. She did continue to support Merry’s pursuit of a college degree.