amazon-icon  waxcreative-indiebound I Liked My Life

If you live your life for other people, can you truly be happy? And what becomes of those you served once you’re gone?

Madeline Starling was a seemingly devoted wife and mother until her death is deemed a suicide. While her husband fails to balance his high-profile career with the role of single parenthood thrust upon him, and their teenage daughter grapples to carry on despite the guilt and anger inherent in grieving a parent’s intentional death, Madeline struggles to make things right for the family she left behind. The result is an achingly beautiful portrait of a father and daughter trying to redefine their understanding of family and a striking depiction of the transcendent power of unconditional love.

Written with the domestic insight of Jodi Picoult, reminiscent in style to Where’d You Go, Bernadette, and playing with dimensional narratives as The Lovely Bones did, I Liked My Life is an acutely perceptive, candid debut.


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